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Dear Brothers & Sisters, Community. WOW. We are so so inspired by the community surrounding us. Thank you to all who came out on Sunday to support us with a work day to prepare the land for the upcoming season. We feel your love and are so blessed we are temporary caretakers of this sacred land. For those of you who missed it, don't worry we will announce future community work dates soon so you can all come out, get your hands in the dirt, let your kiddos run wild and eat some yummy food. (Thank you to our kitchen angels for making the delicious meal.) If you'd like to see the video of all the beautiful souls from this weekend you can see it here on Insta or Facebook. (Grab your tissues) Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙌 For those who missed last week's email with the full story, check your inboxes. However, the short version is that he is seeking treatment for his CRPS at the only clinic in the world that specializes in it. We do believe creator is helping Cecil heal while he resides in Arkansas at The Spero Clinic. After his first two weeks, his myoclonus (involuntary twitching) was significantly better. Thank you for your continued support and prayers. We feel them. 💜

How To Support:

Continue to pray for Cecil. Your thoughts and prayers are felt and deeply appreciated.

Financial donations toward the $60k costs for treatment can be made here. Any amount of contribution is appreciated and will help make his healing possible.

Come to Sweat Lodge on March 18th at 1pm and include Cecil in your lodge prayers. In a departure from Sacred Hearts' usual practice of donating proceeds to other veterans, all donations from this lodge event will go toward one of our chief veterans, Cecil, for his recovery.

Attend any Sacred Hearts event in the next three months and give a donation for Cecil's treatment (see below for upcoming opportunities).

Purchase organic skincare and products by illuminessence or Sacred Hearts Merch and all proceeds will be donated for Cecil's treatment plan.

You can also come by in person to see our FULL line of merch. Simply reach out to Janna.

Treat yourself to a Self Healing Retreat Package at Sacred Hearts and receive personalized healing treatments and restorative care.

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