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Catch 22

At Sacred Hearts, we provide a safe haven for veterans where they meet on a regular basis and aide in each others' healing as well as regain their sense of camaraderie. Our monthly Veteran's  Inipi Lodge (Sweat Lodge) will be on the near to the third Saturday of every month. RSVP Here

Sweat Lodges are known to help aide in PTSD.


 Click here for more info on how lodges can help Veterans.



Sacred Hearts Healing has sent numerous veterans to Dr. Joe Dispenza's Advanced Week Long Retreats to help deal with PTSD, mental health issues and physical ailments. We have teamed up with Give to Give Foundation to help send more Veterans. It is our mission to continue to send Veteran's and Community members to these healing retreats. 



Win A Dr. Joe Dispenza Retreat!

We are partnering with Give to Give Foundation to keep the giving going! All military veterans who are interested are invited and encouraged to fill out this form to apply for the chance to be granted a scholarship to attend a retreat. The retreats are typically one week long, and the scholarship covers the costs of registration and hotel (airfare is not included). We are looking to collect as many applications as we can now, so that we can be awarding and arranging these scholarships for upcoming retreats.


The Give to Give Foundation, our partner in providing these scholarships, was originally founded by attendees of Dr. Joe's retreats to provide opportunities for others to experience this life-changing work. We are eternally grateful for their support and mission to share this phenomenal opportunity. If you or someone you know might benefit from this opportunity, we request you share this email with them and encourage them to apply. We believe in the power of community and to support and heal together, and we are hoping to provide as many opportunities for that as we can.

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