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Experience deep healing of the
mind, body & spirit.

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Welcome friend!  Looking for a sacred spiritual community? We got you, boo. Immerse yourself in profound healing for your mind, body, and spirit as you embark on a transformative journey deep within your soul. Explore our group healing circles, private ceremonies, sweat lodges, one-on-one healing sessions, intuitive life coaching, online courses and so much more. Our center promises an experience that goes beyond the ordinary - step into our caring and tranquil space, and let the warm embrace of our sanctuary envelop you. 

We are a 508c1a non-profit organization and we operate under divine declaration or god's law. Our mission is to bestow native and shamanic teachings upon Veterans, free of charge. We assist them in rediscovering the sacred flame within their hearts through transformative practices such as neurofeedback, sweat lodges, private healing sessions, and empowering week-long retreats led by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

50% off all Apparel! All donations for

clothing go directly back to helping Veterans!

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