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Men's Fireside Chats

In indigenous and tribal cultures, men would be intentionally guided through the "Hero's Journey" of becoming one's greatest self for the community, by way of rituals, rites of passage, and by simply being with and being guided by other men. The Masculine grows to be His best through being challenged and given feedback, and masculinity is a transmission from person to person. So it's essential for our men and for the healing, growth and development of our collective society, that we have places for our men to gather in healthy camaraderie, support, and conversation with experienced and developed leadership and participation. Men's Circle at Sacred Hearts is that space, and co-founder Cecil Fackrell holds a monthly Fireside Chat where men have access to that kind of tribal support and Masculine presence.


Please list your name, email, and the dates for which you are planning to attend. If you are not sure if you are available for the coming months you can always come back and RSVP later!


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