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Manifest with the Lion's Gate Portal

Hello Soul Fam! The Lions Gate Portal August 8th-9th is a sacred time when cosmic energy flows between the physical and spiritual realms. During the 8-8 Lions Gate Portal, marked by the powerful number 8-8, the Sun in Leo, (where my Leo's at?) and the rising of Sirius, there is a profound source of spiritual light available.

This cosmic holiday emphasizes soul embodiment, abundance, spiritual wisdom, growth, manifestation, and harvesting blessings. This provides a unique opportunity to consciously co-create and manifest blessings in your life. The time around the Lion's Gate Portal is powerful for starting to manifest and embrace the abundant energies of this sacred time. With that, I ask you... WHAT do you want to create? Need help figuring that out? Jump in my 5 day course, Shine Your Light ✨ and I'll hold your hand!

Shine Your Light: 5 Day Course

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