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Shine Your Light

A 5 Day Course


Uncover previously hidden truths about yourself by taking a journey of self-discovery; shift energy from surviving to thriving and manifest your dream life!

You will:

  • Learn how to identify limiting beliefs to transform them

  • Get unstuck & Shift your energy from surviving to thriving

  • Learn how to manifest your dream life 

We will reveal the power within by learning how to identify & release limiting beliefs using the following tools:

  • Movement -  move stuck energy out!

  • Manifestation - declare what you want!

  • Meditation - quiet your mind so you can move from fight or flight to create!


1. I don’t know how to manifest- manifesting doesn’t work for me (impossible, self doubt)

2. I don’t deserve to have that (receive) 

3. I didn’t come from wealth 

In this course, we will dive deeper into your limiting beliefs to see what holds you back from manifesting the life you desire PLUS we'll figure out how to shift it!



That's exactly what we will be going over each day within this course!


Day 1 - Meditation + Exercise to Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

Day 2 - Reprogram & Reframe

Day 3 - Movement for Manifestation

Day 4 - Declare Your Desire

Day 5 - Meditation to Envision Your Future

What are the 3 common myths we tell ourselves that keep us from manifesting our dream life?

What are the steps we need to create
the life we dream of?


Stephanie M., Charleston, SC

"Janna's 5-Day course is transformational. Being able to sit & identify my limiting belief(s) and create the space to work on them as well as embrace new mindset shifts was mind blowing. The mantras and movement we did really helped me shake things up as I grow and align with the dream life I am creating. By the end of the course, I felt crystal clear about actions I need to take next as well as exactly what I want in this life. BONUS: I don't feel any pressure, I feel pure excitement & trust. Highly recommend this course if you are looking to gain clarity and create your dream life."



Hi, I'm Janna Fackrell of Sacred Hearts Healing. My mission is to use Native American and Shamanic teachings, techniques, and plant allies to promote your divine connection to the creator. With expertise in Life Purpose Coaching, Advanced Channeling, Sound Healing, Energy Healing, Yoga Teaching, Reiki, and Breathwork, I lead ceremonies that help you recognize your oneness with the universe. 



After a decade of struggling to get by, paying rent on my credit card and grinding away at jobs I hated, I hit rock bottom. It was a tough time, but I knew I had to make a change. So, in January 2012, I made a commitment to myself: I would no longer work jobs that crushed my soul. 

That's when I decided to take a journey of self-discovery, diving deep into spirituality and exploring the very depths of my soul. It was challenging, but I peeled back the layers of the onion to let my true self shine through. 

Fast forward to today, and I'm proud to say I'm living my dream life. I spend every day helping others find their true light and align with their soul's purpose. 

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*for a limited time!


What Else is Included?

  • Sacred starts 

  • Meditation

  • Gratitude lists

  • Journaling

  • Facebook group to connect + share with others

Have any Questions? 

Reach out to 

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